0_post01Einstein could not have said this better. Have you ever found yourself in a class or conference that seems to have flown by? Why did it end so soon? Why did it feel so short? That’s exactly it, because you loved it. We are constantly finding ways to make learning English interesting, because there is nothing like being in a class that flies by. When a student tells me, that’s it? Or makes the comment, “I could stay in class the rest of the day,” I know I am doing something right.

And so I challenge you to ask yourself, are you really enjoying the way you are learning? Not just English but anything you have set yourself up for…because if you do enjoy it then you are probably learning.



Image Source: http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2013/06/14/einstein-letter-to-son/

0_post00We are beginning our 3rd year in business, we have a new office at Pau Claris 149 (two rooms!), Madeleine joined our team 6 months ago and we are ready to start making changes and share ideas, links and invite you to useful workshops to help you gain even more confidence. Sometimes Just knowing a little more about a subject and watching a video or two can help you take that extra step to feel connected. And that’s what we will do. Make sure that you are updated!
So you are learning English and you think you know why, but do you know where English comes from? Or why some words sound so similar to Latin, French and sometimes even Spanish?

Take a look at these videos. Perhaps they will make you feel just little more connected to the language you are investing so much time in. After all, everything has an explanation right? Of course, there is an exception, when… (sound familiar?).

A short 5 minute history on How English Evolved (not too difficult)

A 10 minute and creative in depth video on The History of English (a little more difficult):


Learning English isn’t only about grammar and preparing for that very important business meeting. It is also about being able to finally understand that song you have been listening to and “trying” to understand. Or going to the movies and deciding to finally watch it in original version. Because taking those small steps are just as important to help you feel confidant and capable for that BIG meeting.

So, why not have some fun?  You can begin by checking out this great website where you can practice English and learn those lyrics you have been wanting to sing forever:



We don’t joke around here…learning is musical! Next step: A movie in Original Version?


A Brief Explanation on What We Do and Why We Do It.

Whenever we decide to learn something new and different, we can come across a lot of barriers or filters. The key to finding an easier way of understanding the unknown, is to first find out why we are interested in learning all about it. Is it for work? A personal objective? To make travelling easier?

Then we need to ask ourselves how we can become fully interested in learning that particular subject. Maybe if we include some great resources, music, real life situations and material that we can connect with, we will be fully entertained.

Once we find that balance, we start seeing the learning process, sometimes slow, but stable. We begin to connect not only with your objectives but also with your everyday life.

Finally, the big day comes when you have to put what you have learned into use, whether it is giving directions to a tourist on the street, writing a very important email to head office or presenting in front of a few people…when you finally do it, the magic begins and you become even more interested!

This is what we do here. We balance your personal interests, whatever they are, and make sure that you are always connected with your classes and always learning because when you finally reach your objectives, you feel accomplished. And because it forms part of life and learning…