Right in time for Spring, can you hear the colors?                                                                                                                      First of all, which color most identifies you?

color scope 2

What if you couldn’t see color? What would you do? Watch this Ted Video by Neil Harbisson, Catalan raised but British born, who found a way to hear color with an Eyeborg!

And what if you could find what your color scope says about you? Click here and try it!

Finally, did you know that in American English we spell Color with an “o” and in UK English they add a “u”: Colour

Happy Spring Holidays to all!

Whats in your bag

What’s in Madeleine’s bag?
Bike lights
Small packet of tissues
1 black pen (Muji)
Small mirror
T 50/30 travel ticket
Business card holder
Keys (work and home)
Empty sweet wrappers from the office
Bottle of water
A bag of chargers and cables for my laptop and IPad (I always need a cable for something!)
2 notebooks for lesson planning and student records
A4 folder of worksheets and attendance sheets (heavy!)
Purse ( always full of coins)
X2 10 cent coins and x1 2 cent coin
An orange

What’s in Heidi’s Bag?
Oh boy, here we go:
Office Keys
House Keys
An Umbrella
Mini Card Holder used as wallet from Paris
Coin purse (a lovely gift from Morocco)
1 50/30 TMB Metro ticket
Tupperware from lunch
A Cinnamon Tea Bag
2 Packets of tissue (you never know)
A pen/pencil case with—8 pens, 1 fountain pen for important signatures, two highlighters, two pencils, an eraser, a hairclip, and a pen for the iPad which I have never used!
Fisherman’s Friend Mints (the stronger the better)
A copy of the New Yorker
Two lip balms, three lipsticks, face powder, face lotion with SPF 30, Aspirin, another hair clip, pencil sharpener, a tiny perfume bottle, tiny
Coins that have fallen out of the lovely coin purse
Lavender hand lotion for stressful moments
A scarf
A small 33cl bottle of water
A pen for emergencies (because the other 8 aren’t enough)
A pack of cigarettes and a lighter (yes, my secret is out, I smoke…)
Your Homework

So, what’s in your bag?


Last month we took a look at how to greet someone.

This month, we want to remind you how to say goodbye, which is always just as important to leave a lasting impression.

Farewell, is used only when you know you will never see the person again. Similar to Bon Voyage!

The most common expressions you will hear when someone says goodbye are (formal to informal):

If they say:                                                                      You say:

Good-bye                                                                         Good-bye

It was nice seeing you.                                                     It was nice seeing you too or Likewise

It was great/nice/ a pleasure meeting you.                       Likewise/You too

I’ve enjoyed talking with you                                             Likewise/ Me too.

Stay in touch                                                                    Will do/You too

I hope to see you soon                                                     Likewise/Me too

See you                                                                            See you later!

Take Care!                                                                        You too!

So Long!                                                                           Alright then, have a good one!


We also like to wish our listener a good day/weekend/trip:

Have a great day!                                                          You too/Likewise

Have a safe flight/trip.                                                    Thank you*

*(if you are the only one travelling simply say thank you…if they are also travelling you can say, “ you too”.)

Enjoy the rest of the day!                                              Thanks, you too!

Finally, if you are in a conversation that you need to get out of or you are in a hurry to leave:

I’m really sorry, but I have to leave.                               Of course, we’ll talk later.

I hate to interrupt, but I must go.                                    No problem.

Oh, look at the time! I should get going.                        Okay. We’ll catch up later.

I really must be going                                                     Yes, me too. Have a nice day!

It’s getting late. I need to go.                                          It is, nice talking with you.


A Great Review from BBC

Here’s a mini test for you to try

And a two minute video


Photo Source: http://colormecaitie.blogspot.com.es/2013/07/weekly-doodle-44.html