I am an avid (passionate/zealous/keen/insatiable) fan of stories. I love reading. I love listening to people tell stories. I love telling stories. Summer is a great time to sit around someone’s garden and listen to everyone tell stories about their adventures, when they were young, the last trip they had, etc. So this post is dedicated to all those storytellers out there!


We say something when we are repeating what someone else said: They said we would get our money back

Or we can say something TO someoneI said goodbye to her and left

But we tell someone something when we are giving instructions or information: Tell them to leave earlier.

Do not say the following: Tell to them  that we will leave earlier. We say: Tell them we will leave earlier.

We also have expressions with tell: Tell the time/ tell a lie or the truth/ tell a story!

Now that we have the grammar clear, let’s look at some great links:

This is one of my favorite pages to read on a weekly basis. It is so beautiful how many people out there have so many stories to tell! All of us have something to tell: Humans of New York

Story Corps is a great resource for animated stories and recorded stories.

Here is a great video on how to Tell Stories well and how to listen, which is so important. Whether it is at a family gathering or at an important meeting. How to Speak so that People Want to Listen (B1 and up)

Finally, some of my favorite podcasts to listen to at night are:

This American Life

KCRW’s Unfictional

So now it is your turn. Prepare a short story and share it with us!


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July seems to be quite a busy month for everyone. It is before a month of quiet time, everyone needs to finish their work before leaving and our stress goes up. But did you know that if you spell stressed backwards, it equals desserts? Why don’t we turn stress around and make it a good thing?

This post is for all of you feeling a bit stressed this month…

The difference between stressed and stressful

A person is stressed

A situation is stressful

To Stress something means to emphasize but to stress out means to undergo serious pressure, for example, from work!

Practice pronouncing Dessert, Desert and to Desert!

Here is Today: this helps us make today’s problems quite small…

A great video on how to make stress your friend! (Level B1 and up)

Finally, our favorite therapy here: The Power of Smiling (Level B1 and up)

What some people do to release stress…what is your technique? (Level B2 and up)

So what do you think? Feeling Better?

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