Spring is here, the days are officially longer and we cannot wait till the weather is warm enough to put our coats away and head to the beach. In the meantime, we thought we would keep it light this week and share some funny and informative videos on pronunciation.

One of my favorite shows when I was a child was I Love Lucy. Take a look at this short clip as she helps her Cuban husband with some pronunciation issues. Can any of you relate? Pronunciation of -ough video

A quick question and quick answer on connected speech:

An useful website on pronunciation. This is on the difference between British and American English

And finally, the 10 most mispronounced words in English on the streets of London.

Have a great short week everyone and please note, we have postponed our Round Table session #2 to next Thursday, April 7th so you have plenty of time to sign up!

Photo Source: Beautiful Sky Series by Eric Cahan


It is that time of year again, when the flowers start blooming (to blossom/open/flower), days get longer as we Spring our clocks forward and Summer is right around the corner.

This week’s post is on the beauty of Spring and reasons to get outdoors or stay inside and practice your English.

Here’s a short video on the history of the Easter bunny

But have you ever wondered what others around the world do to celebrate Spring? Take a look at these amazing photos on Spring around the world.

If you are feeling inspired to do more listening in English, take a look at these professional podcasts to help you start listening!

Or, if you plan on spending some time with the family, maybe you can propose some educative online video games to help all of you learn?

Are you more of the romantic type? Here are some Spring Poems to get you inspired…or some great stories you can listen to on Spring?

Planning on taking a walk in the mountains? Learn the name of some flowers first and impress your friends and family!

And if you are one of those lucky travelers planning on going away for the week, take a look at this video on how to greet others in English

Have a wonderful start to Spring and Happy Easter!

And don’t forget our Round Table #2 next Thursday, March 31, 2016

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**Please note! Our Round table has been postponed to next Thursday, April 7th from 19.00-20.00h. You still have time to sign up!

We are happy to announce our second edition of our Round Table Series: Creativity in Business, is it a paradox? 

If you did not get the chance (opportunity) to join us last month, make sure you save the date and time on Thursday, April 7th from 19-20h for some fascinating conversation, debate and a surprise drink and snack.

There is no better way to start Spring than with a skip in your step and great thoughts in your mind!

Please contact us by Tuesday, April 5th if you and/or your friend plan on joining us. Everyone is welcome and this is an all level friendly group, so join us, no matter what your level is.

We look forward to seeing you there and Happy Easter!

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Last Thursday evening, we had the honor of serving tea and biscuits to our Round table guests and listening to Madeleine’s interesting proposed talk on the evolution of the English Language. We also discussed some differences between British and American English after watching a few takes from this fascinating documentary:  The Adventure of English by Melvyn Bragg

IMG_4618                                        IMG_4621

Our participants openly gave their own opinions on their experience with either American or British English and we also discussed whether we should conserve the core of our languages or allow them to evolve and change with time. We spoke about new words added to the Oxford English dictionary, such as: Blog, Clientelism, Emotional Intelligence and Unplugged.

We also shared our thoughts on two questions Madeleine presented: Will this growth of new words and new additions to the language ever stop? and How important is it to protect languages for future generations?


We had a wonderful time speaking and we hope that you can join us on Thursday, March 31st (time to be confirmed) on Creativity in Business | Is it a paradox?  Do not be fooled, this will be much more than just business or creativity!

We hope to see you there!