As the summer comes to a swift close and the temperatures begin to drop, I want to offer you one last scoop of rose ice cream to welcome you back to work, new challenges and perhaps even new resolutions to finish off the year. I have always thought of September as being an excellent month to take on new hobbies, learn something new or get to work on those New Year resolutions you set up for yourselves at the beginning of the year.

And so in ode to loving and hating certain routines or new intentions, I thought we could look at some idioms on how to express your likes or dislikes. Here we go!

To express likes you can say: “I’m crazy about it!” which is equivalent to “I love it!”

EXAMPLE: I’m crazy about this new series. Have you seen it?

“It’s right up my alley (or street).” is equivalent to “The kinda thing I like.”

 EXAMPLE: Sushi for dinner is right up my alley.

“I dig it!” is equivalent to “I like it!”

 EXAMPLE: I really dig this new music group.

To express dislikes you can say: “It doesn’t float my boat.” which is equal to “I don’t like it”  EXAMPLE: Meeting at 8am doesn’t float my boat.

“It’s not my cup of tea.” is also equal to “I don’t like it.”

EXAMPLE: Having to present in front of a large crowd is definitely not my cup of tea.

“I can’t stand it” is equivalent to “I really hate it” or the Spanish version of “No lo soporto!”

EXAMPLE: I can’t stand people who interrupt others when they are speaking.

“I can’t bear it” is similar to disliking something so much you almost can’t accept it.

EXAMPLE: I can’t bear having to start all over again.

And there you have it. A colorful way of sharing your likes or dislikes on something. We hope this makes starting a new term just a little easier. And if you still have not signed up to our classes, what are you waiting for? We can’t stand knowing you could quickly start improving your level but haven’t done anything about it yet!



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