Welcome Back Everyone! We are on a roll here teaching and learning business English and this is more than perfect  timing to remind you why languages are so easy to love. But before we do that, do you know what the quote above means? Do you have something similar in Spanish or Catalan?

So let’s talk about Linguistics. What is linguistics anyway? And why is it so fascinating? According to Webster, linguistics is the study of language and of the way languages work.

Learning a language is not just memorizing it and it is not done overnight. It is going beyond the book in your hand and exploring the language, the culture and history. So, let’s explore!

This video on Linguistics explains how languages evolve, because, they are a living thing, aren’t they?    (B1 and up)

Just to prove my point, here are 10 Spanish words that you cannot translate to English words. Can you guess what they are before you click on the link?

More of our favorite Spanish words…

And a fabulous visual dictionary that shows you all the uses of a word in English

Finally, just for fun, the language of food! (reading and listening)

Have fun exploring and living the language!

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