champfrogs-moving-motivatorsLast week we had a wonderful round table session on motivators at work and on projects. Marina gave us some interesting information on how to analyze what motivates us most at work and what makes us lose interest. Did you know money is not everything? Do you agree?

Here is more information on moving motivators

She had us rate or scale our motivators above from 1 to 10. 1 being the most important and 10 the least important. It was fascinating to see what we each chose as important and non-important. She then explained what each of these motivators could mean in our professional world.

Afterwards, we related these motivators to Maslow’s human hierarchy of needs. Remember those?


We decided where each motivator fell within the triangle and how they were relevant…It really was a fabulous session.

So, how do your motivators rate? Are you currently motivated at work or do you need to restructure your own motivation?

Thank you Marina for an insightful session!

Maslow’s Photo Source


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