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It’s that strange time of the year when it is no longer cold cold, but it is not warm enough to tear off our jackets just yet. The Cold season seems to be in the air with lots of runny noses everywhere and we just want Spring to be here, NOW!

Or at least I do.

So, to keep us entertained for a few more weeks, I thought I would dedicate this week’s post to the unusual (odd, one of a kind, unique, atypical, surprising) in the world of English.

Let’s start with the difference between rare and unique. Did you know they mean different things?  Yep

Rare is something that is hard to find, almost impossible, for example, when you are addressing an instrument or painting: A Stradivarius’ Violin is quite rare (but there are more than one out there)

Unique, on the other hand, is one of a kind, there is nothing out there like it…hhmmm, like you!

So, here are some more unique words I thought you would appreciate. I love words and these are perhaps words I never use, but would love to, someday.

Here are 39 words used incorrectly, even by native speakers!

Test your vocabulary

And a lovely video on taking a deep breath:

Can you describe the difference between breath and breathe?

Finally, a fantastic idea to read in English every day. Have you seen this APP? Absolutely amazing: Flipboard

Hang in there folks, Spring is almost here…



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